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Alright, regarding SJ/anti-SJ nonsense that’s been all over my dashboard for so long because I can’t hold it in anymore:

I don’t even know what “social justice” is supposed to mean anymore. While I have been interested in the idea of “social justice” for a very long time, long before I knew what Tumblr was (and likely before it existed), I never consciously thought of myself as being part of any “social justice community.” But it’s probable that I have been at times. So, I might as well chime in here before I actually explode.

There are definitely valid criticisms of “the Tumblr social justice community,” but that doesn’t automatically invalidate all of its intended points. I find it a tad strange when people critique “Tumblr social justice” for being vitriolic, oversimplified and masturbatory with an eerily similar brand of faptastic, generalized vitriol. The very term “social justice” is now being associated with an extremely specific sort of blog and stigmatized accordingly, which strikes me as a little silly. I’m sorry, but I think this is getting a little silly. My lack of silence on the matter has in fact been inspired by the blog description I just stumbled across that pretty much read, “I swear I’m not a social justice blog!!!!! I’m not!!! I just care about abortion (IDK Y LOL)!!!!!! Please do not follow me, social justice demons!!!~ PS: masturbation is icky.” Ironically, this person went on to talk about the appropriated psychological term “splitting” in reference to “social justice blogs” while villainizing them. 

It makes me very sad that the new working definition of “social justice” is “radikewl Tumblr troll” apparently. It makes me sadder that half the people still using the phrase “social justice warrior” seem to be engaged in a comparably questionable internet battle against “social justice warriors.” Also, I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I can’t stand all the fapping rhetoric. As far as I’m concerned, this is not one of the valid criticisms. This is just ridiculous. Yes, I see that rings of so-called “social justice” posts can easily equate to circle jerking. I also see that this new crop of so-called “anti social justice” posters are circle jerking just as well. I don’t know if everyone’s forgotten somehow, but we are all using a website that exists solely for sharing images, sounds and ideas with the entire internet. It is in fact set up so that we can “reblog” what appeals to us, so that we can “follow” the people who post what we “like.” If this isn’t mental, mutual masturbation by nature, I don’t know what fapping is. Fap fap fap fap fap. Fap fap fap fap. Like most social media sites, Tumblr is a giant fap fest. It is. All of it. It’s a wonderful beautiful ugly entertaining intriguing expressive fap fest that I happen to love dearly, but it’s a giant fap fest nonetheless. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Honestly, I’m concerned that all the fearful talk of fapping in this context will discourage kids from approaching uncomfortable or nuanced topics at all, and I don’t necessarily believe that’s a good thing. I believe in discussion.

I will continue to consider what I post, how I post it and why, but I’ve yet to be convinced that the occasional reblogging of Something I Find Important is actually harming anyone. In fact, I think it’s at least plausible that such reblogs do some very slight good on rare occasions (on rare occasions). I know that for myself, at least, all sorts of sociological, identity-oriented and socially political Tumblr posts which could be considered “social justice” have indeed planted useful seeds of thought, sometimes even when they’ve had considerable issues in conveying the full complexities of their respective messages. Regardless, I don’t think it’s exactly possible to conclude that every single “social justice” post evar made on Tumblr EVAR has been overwhelmingly destructive or deceptive (yet I’ve actually seen this argued), although some have been for sure. Maybe this really just comes back to the issue of unclarity on what “social justice” even means now; I still think of “social justice” as encompassing a lot more than all it’s come to be associated with.

I do think it becomes a broader problem when individuals get attacked for being culturally insensitive or politically incorrect by big clumps of people functioning under some mob mentality, although that mob mentality does adhere to my own views for the most part. When I engage in discussions with the intention of just earnestly debating, sometimes my anger takes me into hyperbolic, problematic places. It has at least two times that I can recall off-hand. I repress a good deal of my thoughts and feelings in real life; when I do release any of them out here on the internets, it can get inexcusably harsh if not somewhat flawed with the aforementioned hyperbole. This is an issue that I would like to acknowledge and work on because I don’t think that essentially internet-yelling at people is the most effective or most ethical means of communication anyhow, no matter what’s being said. I don’t want to evade responsibility for this. I apologize for when I’ve done it. While I can promise that it always began because I did genuinely care about the topic at hand, I’d be lying if I said that my ego never got far too caught up in the most heated arguments. That is not okay.

I think I’ve actually been pretty decent about self-evaluating my privilege in the past. I try to acknowledge it adequately, and I hope folks will let me know when I falter. In case anyone wants a refresher in this context, here are the basics: I’m an Ashkenazi Jew mostly; my maternal grandmother was Venezuelan. I have white privilege; white supremacy may affect me, but racism doesn’t. At the very least, I have “passing privilege” which is most important. I reap the benfits of whiteness on a societal level and am thus capable of perpetuating racism. I consider myself pretty solidly middle class, which is a privilege. Of course, so many college kids who’ve had a whole lot more than me in this way seem to think it’s totally cool to fancy themselves ~working class~ or part of ~class warfare~, but I won’t go on with this too much at the risk of ripping all my hair out. I get the pell grant on top of federal loans, I know what it’s like to go without health insurance/healthcare for stretches, I know what it’s like not to get birthday or holiday presents, but I don’t know what it’s like not to have food security, lots of food options or a guaranteed roof over my head (aside from very briefly being a teenage runaway after being a ward of the court). My dad is an educated man who lives in a “nice” community. I am middle class for sure. Furthermore, I do currently live the laid back jobless full-time debt-accumulating slacker college student lifestyle, though I haven’t always. I have cis privilege as well. I’ve questioned my gender identity before, but I always return to the conclusion that I have cis privilege for certain which I try to remain conscious of. I don’t have any physical disabilities.
I do have a long history with serious mental illness that may never get better at this point, and sometimes there are physical symptoms on top of the obvious ones. I have received a few different diagnoses over the years and would be happy to elaborate on them if anyone’s curious. And yes, regardless of whether you “believe in it” or not, being this level of sick in the head absolutely does interfere with my ability to function adequately at times. And no, it is not a choice. And no, I am not trying to “manipulate” you by admitting that I’m profoundly fucked up. Believe it or not, I don’t actually get a kick out of so much senseless misery. And it is not cute, and it is not romantic. It is terrifying and alienating. I have been told by a couple psychiatrists now that I’d likely qualify for disability due to the sometimes-debilitating severity of my condition, and I don’t enjoy saying that, believe me. It’s humiliating. I’m a woman, I’m a survivor, I’m not straight, I’m not Christian. Blah blah. You get the picture.
Really, I just wanted to reiterate this because apparently the latest stigmatization regarding this weird new conception of “social justice” is privilege denial, which is interesting if only in how contrary it is to some of the original criticisms. Nonetheless, I wanted to address it, not because I really consider myself a “social justice blogger” but because I likely will continue reblogging certain posts which could be construed that way in moderation, and I don’t quite believe that an internet Red Scare is warranted.
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